• The Dating Game

    So I’ve kind of come up with a dating philosophy as I’ve grown people-plants in my house. As I’ve observed and instructed, prayed and reflected, failed and grieved, and celebrated victories; I’ve gained some perspective and conviction. Several things spurred on a conversation last night with people-plant #3 and #4 about dating and all that it entails. We have talked… Read More

    The Dating Game
  • Five Things I Never Told My Mom

    My mom is a beautiful human being. My dad always said that my mom had the hardest job: he went to work every day; she stayed home with us five kids. There are so many situations that she handled with so much grace… If the roles had been reversed and I was her, I probably would have been pulling my… Read More

    Five Things I Never Told My Mom
  • Listen Up, Children: A Follow-Up Post

    It was by my request that mom wrote the original “Listen Up, Children!” post. In this post mom shares her most effective method of getting me and my siblings to listen and pay attention during church.  In case you missed the first post, click here to read it. I thought it was such a great idea on mom’s part and too… Read More

    Listen Up, Children: A Follow-Up Post


The Dating Game

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Budget

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