• Oh Sweet, Precious Time

    Have you noticed the really good things in life take time? A really good meal: time. A great friendship: time. A really good marriage: time. A healthy, strong family: time. A solid, intimate relationship with Christ: time. And what do we seem to ‘feel’ like we have less and less of? Time. Ah, the American disease. Busy-ness. How did we… Read More

    Oh Sweet, Precious Time
  • Traveling Out West

    You know what I love so much? TRAVELING. Pinterest is not good for me because I could spend hours looking at different destinations and planning trip after trip. If it was up to me, we would probably vacation one week a month. I’m not sure I could get Brady on board with that though! A vacation that has been on… Read More

    Traveling Out West
  • The Dating Game

    So I’ve kind of come up with a dating philosophy as I’ve grown people-plants in my house. As I’ve observed and instructed, prayed and reflected, failed and grieved, and celebrated victories; I’ve gained some perspective and conviction. Several things spurred on a conversation last night with people-plant #3 and #4 about dating and all that it entails. We have talked… Read More

    The Dating Game


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